re: null;

Our lived experiences have never been more fractionalized or interconnected. We are constantly bombarded with fragments of reality from outside of ourselves. We spend our hours attempting to assemble these fragments into something cohesive, something we believe in, something we can tell the next generation about. My grandparents were born at a time when electricity was scarce. My parents were born at a time when humanity's future was almost certain annihilation. And I was born at a time when having not yet destroyed Earth, we await a response to the messages we've launched into the cosmos. So far we've heard nothing back... In the meantime, we've created networks of never ending feedback loops of information. re: null; is a series of transmissions answering our calls, not from the cosmos, but from somewhere beyond these networks.

︎ 2021-22
︎ video
︎ information
︎ self-directed