Communication Systems

Communication Systems
︎limited edition
︎8.5x5.5” comb bound
︎iOS app linked via QR code

A multimedia project combining poetry, illuminations, and augmented reality. Our goal in combining these mediums is to highlight how random information (letters on a page, phonemes of a word, lines of a drawing, or randomly driven robots) is given meaning through mediation, how that meaning is unique to each person and experience, and the parallels between these secular, meaning-constructing processes and religious practices.

The poetry at the core of this project uses form and structure to mimic the processes of an electrical communication system, the illuminations on each page work against this poetic/auditory relationship and instead establish their own bric-a-brac meanings, and the book itself is the key to an AR experience that can be accessed through the CommSys iOS app which you can download here.

︎ 2021
︎ Book / iOS App
︎ Poetry
︎ w/ Cole Hardman