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Hello, my name is Samuel Hardman (he/him) and I am a designer, artist, and filmmaker from Indiana (US). I recently graduated from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY with a Bachelor of Industrial Design and a Minor in Film/Video. During my time at Pratt I took part in a wearable technology workshop at NASA's Johnson Space Center, studied abroad in Denmark, worked part-time in the metal and wood shops on campus, and explored as much of NYC as I could. I am most passionate about design that directly engages with people and prioritizes their needs over profits. I believe finding ways in which we can implement existing innovations into the communities that need them the most is one the most important challenges of our time. Through a combination of design, research, and media I hope to create positive change for the future.

Me,  Photographed by Stephanie Chen.

Copyright © 2021, Samuel Hardman.